Glitter Bomb


One of the coolest things about the Zank SSCX series is the end of season raffle. We save all our prizes until the end and then hold a massive raffle/party at Ice Weasels. For every race in the series a racer does they get a raffle ticket. The more races you do the more chances you get to win really cool stuff. And the Mac Daddy of all the raffle prizes is a custom built Zanconato CX frame! Last year’s winner was Eric Lovering. He is the owner of Chainline Cycles in Laconia, NH. He is relatively new to CX. But in a very short time he and his team have made a huge impact on our series. The Chainline Pain Train as we affectionally call them always brings it. And by bring it I mean bring home-brew and custom koozies to every race. And they are always at the front. They are one of the teams that really has made this series so rad.


When we pulled Eric’s raffle ticket out of the hat last year I think we were more excited than he was. Well that is a lie. I have never seen anyone more excited to win a raffle. Eric’s enthusiasm is probably one of the things I love the most about him. He is always psyched about life. The big unveil came at Putney this season. Eric’s bike named Glitter Bomb is a beauty. It is built with Dedacciai Force OS tube set, Ahrens thru axle rear dropouts, PF30 BB shell with Niner Biocentric30 insert and sick ass race ready geometry.

Mike Zanconato sums up SSCX succinctly, “The feel of riding and racing a single speed is different than a geared bike. I think it goes beyond the lighter weight too. Maybe it’s psychological, because you have to change your riding style and how you approach obstacles and course features. You are thinking ahead more. But the bikes just feel like they accelerate better. I can’t really explain it, but you know it when you feel it.”


The raffle bike came with a sick Enve carbon disc CX fork. Eric chose a very cool mix of parts including NEXT tubeless carbon rims. NEXT is the wheel company of one of our founders Jerry Chabot. Jerry was there from the very beginning and really his vision of having a competitive SSCX series is what has always kept us going. He also has been steadfast in making sure we always allow zip tied mods to keep the series inclusive. We love dedicated bikes. And Eric’s is an example of how beautiful they can be in their simplicity but we welcome all manner of pedal bike at the Zanconato SSCX Series as long as it is only one gear. How you get to that one gear is up to you.


The paint on Eric’s bike really has to be seen in the sun in person to be appreciated. It is a sparkle pink powder coat. It really looks like wet paint. It is amazing how far powder has come. I love the little details Eric added to the build. Blue Endless cog, blue spacer on the stem, gold chain. So many cool little things making this bike special.


We hope to see all of you at Ice Weasels! The SSCX race is sold out. I hope you registered. If you missed out this year at least come down and hang out and drink some beer and eat some cupcakes with us. Thanks to everyone who has made this season so special. May the odds ever be in your favor at the raffle.




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