SSCX Linocut print

  • Image of Zanc Single Speed Cyclocross Series Linocut Print
Our good friend Matt Lolli is offering a rad print to commemorate the series. Check it out here!
“It’s been too long since I’ve printed some posters, and even longer since I’ve done any sort of linocut printing. I figured that this year’s Zanc SSCX series was the best excuse to back into the relief-printing game and a fun way to give back a little bit to the series.Cowbells and lightning bolts. Need I say more?Print is about 12″x12″. Water-based printing ink on Japanese 71gsm printing paper. Edition of 30. FREE SHIPPING!About the series: The Zanconato series is truly where I feel most at home during the CX season. All of my friends race that series, we all hang out afterwards, and friendly competition abounds. It’s like a big extended family that I get to see pretty much every weekend from the Fall through the Winter.”-Matt Lolli

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