Secret Squirrel


Some info has leaked out from Secret Squirrel HQ. This is the last SSCX series race before the big finale at Ice Weasels! Do NOT miss this one. It is going to be special!

“As you can see from this incredibly complex and professionally produced map, we are very organized. If you could please direct your attention to the image on the left you will notice that the parking lot that we use for Crosstobeerfest is where you will park for #SecretCX but the race start/finish is further North. It’s not far, and dammit you have a bicycle.

Now, if you look at the image on the right you will see that the Beer Tent is also the Registration Tent and is home to DJ Gary Lombard (DJ Cuz) who will be spinning pump you up type music that will make you ride faster and take chances.  Ipswich Ale Brewery will be there to sell you the only alcohol that can be consumed on the grounds. You cannot bring your own so don’t because we have to kick you out and Chip doesn’t know yet that he is the bouncer but he is. It will go great with a Linguica sandwich and Kale Soup from Two Sisters LLC

Right next door in the pink tents is TriMom Timing (do not bother them, at all, ever). They are conducting sensitive results and timing operations.

Next to them is a Pit. It is a left hand pit, which to us is no big deal whatsoever because most of you will not care as long as you have a place to put your spare bike and/or wheels. VeloFix will be there for Neutral Support before and during your race.

So, now you know where stuff is.”



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